Certified Label Saving Dairy Farms

Labels can be complicated. There are great labels that certify environmental and animal welfare standards, but they are not always widely available. As for finding dairy products produced by family farmers and workers both making a living wage — there is no label at all for those considerations, though you can be confident that certified … Read more


There is an alternative to keeping thousands of cows confined in a barn or a dusty dry lot, wreaking havoc on the community: small-scale family farmers can instead raise cows on lush pastures. Grassfed cows are healthier, and these farms are much better for the animals, the environment, the farmers and the community. Better Animal … Read more

Megadairies Are Bad for the Environment

Cows on pasture can feed themselves and return their waste directly to the soil. Thousands of cows living in confinement, on the other hand, need their food and water delivered to them and their tremendous volume of waste must be removed. All these inputs and outputs take a serious toll on the environment. COWS HEAT … Read more

The Current Dairy Crisis Megadairy / Factory Farm is A dairy operation housing over 1000 cows in confinement. The technical term is Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, or CAFO. Since 2015, the price that farmers get for their milk has been well below what it costs them to produce; it costs them money to produce our … Read more

The Sadness of Dairy Farms Currently

When you reach for the milk to splash in your coffee, select a slice of cheese for your burger or pick your late-night ice cream treat, you’re presented with a lot of options from organic to grassfed. You’re also faced with many questions about how these products affect your health and what kind of a … Read more

How to Choose Cattle for a Foundation Herd

You can’t start a cow-calf herd without having some good quality animals from the outset. Knowing which cattle to look for, where to find them, and what to do with them is all important. 1. Choose your cow-calf type operation accordingly. Look at what you’re capable of and what you want to achieve when you buy … Read more

Simple Daily Milking Routine For the Home Dairy

A consistent daily milking routine is essential to keeping a happy family milk cow. Every morning I gather my milking supplies and head out to say good morning to my sweet Molly, but my daily milking routine starts even before that. Daily Milking Routine  My daily milking routine starts the evening before. I lock Molly’s … Read more

Guernsey Cattle: Heritage Livestock Breeds

The Guernsey cow is a British dairy breed with a great reputation as a milk producer. Guernsey cattle are strong milking cows, but are a heritage livestock breed that is rapidly dwindling in its population numbers. The lovely Channel Islands are the home of three famous breeds of dairy cows that bear their names: Alderney, Guernsey, … Read more